The Stylus testnet is officially live! You can now build EVM-compatible apps in Rust by visiting the Stylus docs.
Arbitrum AnyTrust

Scale smart with AnyTrust. The solution for apps that need high security and ultra-low costs.


Arbitrum AnyTrust offers best-in-class security, relying on a trust-minimized Data Availability Committee (DAC).

Full EVM Equivalence

By using a Data Availability Committee to keep data offchain, Arbitrum AnyTrust can provide ultra-low fees.

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Arbitrum Nova

The flagship AnyTrust chain leverages a Data Availability Committee to securely scale.

The Arbitrum ecosystem is thriving and developers are empowered. Want to build the future of web3? Dive in with Nova.

Data Availability Committee

Trust-minimized by design. AnyTrust settles securely on Ethereum, relying on a DAC to store and verify data, which requires only two honest parties independent of the committee size.

Arbitrum Nova logo
Data Availability Committee
Case Studies

Arbitrum is designed to empower builders.


In 2021, Arbitrum competed in "The Great Reddit Scaling Bake-Off." After an exhaustive review of many competing scaling solutions, Arbitrum was selected as the winner. Reddit’s Community Points represent a way for Redditors to own a piece of their favorite communities.

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