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Arbitrum Rollup

Scale securely on Ethereum. Go onchain with Arbitrum’s battle-tested and market-leading L2 technology.


Originally launched by the Offchain Labs team in August 2021, Arbitrum Rollup's fraud proofs are time-tested and secure.

Full EVM Equivalence

Arbitrum Rollup allows developers to migrate smart contracts from Ethereum to L2 with minimal or no modifications.

Arbitrum One logo

Arbitrum One

The flagship L2 chain is decentralized and permissionless, deriving security from Ethereum while leveling up what it can do.

The Arbitrum ecosystem is thriving and developers are empowered. Want to build the future of web3? Dive in with Arbitrum One.

Case Studies

Arbitrum is designed to empower builders.


“We couldn’t be happier to be building on and together with Arbitrum. As one of its earliest projects, we’ve grown together with the Arbitrum network since practically day one.” – Karel Vuong, Co-Founder of Treasure.

The Graph

The Graph is scaling on Arbitrum — increasing the speed of transactions and significantly decreasing gas costs for everyone participating in the protocol — from the 40K+ subgraph developers to the combined 14K+ Indexers, Curators, and Delegators powering The Graph Network.


"Arbitrum isn’t just a technology or a subset of Ethereum; it's become an incubator for innovation both in creating better blockchains and sparks creativity in Defi and gaming that simply wasn’t possible before within Ethereum itself." – the GMX team.

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