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Arbitrum Stylus

Write smart contracts in Rust. Leverage the efficiencies of Rust, C, and C++ without losing EVM compatibility.

One Chain, Many Languages

Stylus-enabled Arbitrum chains support your preferred programming language, so you can write smart contracts the way you like.

Efficient Compute and Memory

Use cases not practical in the EVM are now a reality. Computation is over 10x more efficient. Memory over 100x.

Stylus logo

A powerful new way to build on Arbitrum.

Stylus enables a new way to write smart contracts by introducing a second, co-equal virtual machine that is fully interoperable with the EVM.

Use the Stylus Rust SDK to easily deploy contracts onchain and take your apps to new heights.

Value Propositions

One Chain, Many Languages. Developers are now free to use their preferred programming language, all interoperable on any Arbitrum chain with Stylus.

The Stylus testnet is open to all. Come build on the frontier of blockchain innovation.

Join the Stylus community, contribute to the open-source SDKs, and deploy your first smart contract in Rust.

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