Arbitrum Orbit

A universe of chains. Arbitrum Orbit is the ideal way to permissionlessly launch your own custom chain.

Permissionlessly launch your own Layer 2 or Layer 3 chain with Arbitrum Orbit. Unlock unparalleled customization and cutting-edge features for an effortless journey into a new realm of onchain possibilities.

The Nitro Tech Stack

Leverage the most advanced blockchain scaling technology. Orbit chains inherit a tech stack designed for high throughput and low transaction costs, all while upholding Arbitrum's top security standards.

Custom Chains

Choose a ERC-20 token for custom gas fees allowing you to create native economies and utility incentives, abstracting your user experience away from underlying Eth gas.
Case Studies

Arbitrum is designed to empower builders.

Ex Populus

Ex Populus has forged a strategic partnership with Offchain Labs to build the Xai blockchain. The Xai blockchain was developed to address the needs of web3 gaming at scale, tailored specifically for gaming to establish the backbone of a new decentralized gaming ecosystem.


“With royalties seamlessly integrated at the node level, the Rari Chain supports near-zero gas fees and exceptional speed, made possible by the Arbitrum Orbit Stack. Together, we are building the future of sustainable NFT economy.” Jana Bertram, Head of Strategy at RARI Foundation


“When Arbitrum became an alternative for our L2. We did not hesitate. Partnering with the most advanced optimistic technology that has the largest DeFi ecosystem was a no-brainer for us. Plus, the team is really responsive, helping on every step of the way.” Ramon Recuero - Founder at Kinto

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Arbitrum Orbit is a universe of chains in the Arbitrum ecosystem. Create your own dedicated chain permissionlessly with a custom gas token, privacy, permissions, and more. All tailored to the precise needs of your project.

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